While fire caused by using your Californo wood fired pizza oven is rare and never heard off before, better be safe than sorry. Keep Fire Gone next to your pizza oven and help control or put out fire quickly with this Fire Gone Aerosol. Convenient and easy to use, formulated with aqueous film-forming foam that can put out kitchen fires, garage fires and more. Each class ABC aerosol bottles fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly and has a 3-year shelf life. Due to the acc-u-sol trigger, you get a jet action spray that accurately hits the target from a distance of 10' to 12'. The aerosol is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Each aerosol spray is charged and will be ready as soon as you spot the fire. Ensure that your home, workshop, boat or camp is safe with the help of this class ABC fire extinguisher. Conveniently sized and lightweight, this extinguisher will provide an efficient flow of chemicals to reduce the flames and prevent spread to other areas. Versatile enough for several different fire types, this easy pull and shoot container provides a quick way to respond to a variety of situations.

This spray is good to have on hand as a safety accessory to keep you and your belongings safer. The Fire Gone Aerosol offers a controlled stream of retardant to effectively extinguish most flames before they become a larger problem.

Fire Gone

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