With the Garzoni Fully Assembled Stucco Finish, you can have a beautiful wood-fired oven of your own – no assembly or masonry skills required! We save you from the hours of work required to assemble your own oven.

Our master craftsmen assemble and finish your oven for you, so that you get an oven delivered complete to your home for installation and curing. Stucco is a remarkable material that is uniquely suited to creating high quality ovens.

Ovens made with stucco are especially durable due to the material’s heat resistant properties, which reduce the risk of cracking. Stucco is also waterproof, so you can make sure to keep your dry-wood dry. It is resistant to mildew, mould and rot so you get an oven that requires little to no maintenance. 

The Garzoni Fully Assembled Stucco Finish is fully customizable to suit your needs. Our stucco is available in a variety of colors, including Snow White, Blue Grey, Bay Ridge Grey, and Trabuco.

The Garzoni can be installed on a counter top or a custom steel base. As with all our ovens, this oven comes with a 5-year warranty for the dome and a 1-year warranty on all other parts. Plus, you get more oven for your money!

Compare the cooking surface area to the dome thickness and see for yourself! With the Garzoni-280, your friends and family are sure to be impressed by the delicious foods that you make. It’s guaranteed love at first bite!

Garzoni Stucco Pizza Oven Assembled

Excluding Sales Tax

    Interior width 28"| Interior depth 32"| Exterior width 42.25"| Exterior depth 42.25"| Cooking surface area 800 square inches

    What's In The Crate?:

    • Fully assembled oven ready to use.
    • Cast iron oven door

    Fast 28 minute heat up time and superior heat retention. 

    Crate size:48" x 48" x 70" Height weight: ~ 900 lbs

    Lead time: if not in stock, we need 10-14 days for processing.