Easily spin pizzas or slide them into and out of your Californo brick oven with this stainless steel small pizza peel. Very light compare to other peels yet offers incredible strength and durability. Its oval tubular handle with internal ribbing allows this peel to lift and carry heavily loaded pizzas from prep areas to the oven and back with stability and ease! This peel features high density polymer handle and sliding grip, a fitting in the handle can block the grip from sliding when peel is placed head down. Additionally, the head and handle joint has two metals overlaying one another and are secured by three large rivets. The riveted joint reduces vibration being transferred to the handle, making using this peel more comfortable. The round head, milled at the front, provides a large surface area for ease of lifting the pizza, while ribbing in the middle and laterally creates rigidity when the peel is lifted ensuring it can hold even your heaviest pizza in and out of your Californo wood fired oven!

Stainless Steel Small Peel 8" Round Head with 59" Handle

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